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Although they may go all out to help you if you land up in trouble, you should be guarded if you think the Aquarian is emotionally warming up to you.

The moment you try and get close, they walk away. So they lack real emotional warmth, something that is highly disconcerting to their partners. They are the ones who are very pleased in their own company and are best left to themselves. One other major fault of the Aquarius zodiac sign is that they are extremely dogmatic in their behavior.


Sometimes, these people delve into the religious or occult activities to such an extent, that they become religious fanatics. Also, some of them can turn out to be real eccentrics and can be recluses from people and society at large.

The Bright Side of Aquarius

Moreover, an extreme and sudden burst of anger is also another characteristic that is certainly not appreciated in Aquarians. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! Aries and Aquarius usually do not complement each other. They are both headstrong. Taurus and Aquarius is a match that is best avoided. While Taurus is rooted in material possessions, they hold no meaning for the Aquarian.

Gemini and Aquarius zodiac sign make excellent soul mates as one talks while the other listens. Test Now! The relationship between the humanitarian Aquarius and the materialistic Leo would be difficult to sustain. The Libra and Aquarius union is a heavenly match s both love socializing. The Aquarius Scorpio zodiac compatibility is filled with anger and jealousy.

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The relationship between two Aquarius zodiac sign people is a pretty good match as both of them can switch their mental gears with ease. Pisces possesses a highly complex personality having various shades, which is disheartening to the Aquarius. Zodiac Astrology Name: Date of Birth: January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 When it comes to love relationships, the Aquarius zodiac sign is a bit slow.

They have high energy levels which will need to be tamed to get along with a partner. They also look for soul mates who are not clingy and give them their space. Understanding and trust form an important aspect of their relationships. The Aquarius characteristics include being socially aware and helpful.

They do a good job of working for the betterment of the humankind. They do well as leaders of nonprofit organizations or as union leaders. As they are keen to research and explore new things, they also make good scientists, explorers, and innovators. They have the gift of gab and make good psychics and politicians.

However, as these people have a logical head over their shoulders, they never have to worry about money. These people are self-employed rather than working for someone else. Nevertheless, the Aquarians need an accountant badly as inconsistent cash flow may give rise to severe problems. Shopping figures pretty low on the list of the Water Bearers and they wear a conservative attitude towards it.

And when they lend some amount, they expect to be paid back within the promised time frame. The Aquarius star sign governs blood-circulation as well as parts of the leg from knees to the ankles. As a result of this, people born under this sign are prone to cramps in these areas. Also, these people often suffer from loneliness and gloom. Nearly half of all couples get back together after a breakup.

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Throughout the relationship, there was the good and the bad of course, but mostly bad. But if you try to threaten her loyalty, she might break-up and lie to you on daylight. Even in the most painful of situations, an Aquarius will rarely get angry and, instead, can look at things logically.

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They hate confrontations and ending relationships of all kinds tends to be quite hard for them. The 1st time we split 2 weeks he went crazy and wrote me hateful e-mails to "never talk to him again". Break Up with an Aquarius Woman.

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It's been hard since the break up, hasn't it? Try as you might you just haven't been able to move forward without him. The biggest reasons why bands break up, from money to relationships. If the friend is a woman, pretend you didn't notice. Aquarius is the Eleventh Sign of Zodiac and is known to be the sign of genius. There is some gender bending as well. You have to start your attempts to get him back almost immediately after the conflict by taking the initiative.

He has mysteriousness about him that really lights you up. Aquarius makes sensitive Cancer feel neglected and rejected. As the Aquarius woman is ruled by both Saturn and Rahu she has personality traits of both the ruler. He is always on the lookout for new faces. He falls for the attractive and charming personality of the Libra lady.

That heart can be bruised easily and as such it's important that you make the effort to undo any damage to it that may have happened during the break up. However irritating they may find you, Libras are good at sweeping contentious issues under the rug and hiding their discontent behind a sweet smile. Their ability to see the best in all people, even if people don't see those qualities in themselves. There is a deep-seated fear of rejection with this position. Aquarius In The Relationship. Im an Aquarius girl and this sums up me perfectly. A delicate pin-up girl bathing in the ocean and scooping water into her long tresses is a good option for women.

She popped up again just long enough to warn Lucy not to summon Scorpio either, though he probably wouldn't have cared. Marriage: Aquarius Women. Aquarius men are of 2 types, so the perfect breakup with a person in this sign will be very much influenced by this classification. I am the fireworks in our relationship. Taurus man in bed with an Aquarius woman - Will it last?.

It just doesn't happen. If they break up there is a good chance they will still remain friends.

Sex with an Aquarius

What happens when an Aquarius breaks up with you? You might want to know what to expect. There is really no other way to describe a bad breakup than emotional trauma. The Aquarius man Leo woman compatibility can be rather one-sided at times. You can't act as well desperate If you need to get him back. Read on to find out what the stars have to say about your breakup style. I am a Gemini woman, and I personally have dated an Aquarius man for two years.

The Aquarius sun sign is represented by a water bearer, and many people utilize this image for their tattoo. That will only spark an Aries man's competitive nature, and he'll come chasing after you. The Scorpio woman and Aquarius man will likely enjoy sexual acts of bondage together even if it's nothing heavy.